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Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Wedding planning during 2020/2021 has been super challenging!

We hear story after story of couples that have planned their big day numerous times, and we understand that planning a wedding once is stressful enough without having to dodge lockdowns and ever changing restrictions.

On the flip side wedding businesses have had to put their businesses on the backburner and do their very best to help you during these difficult times.

All in all it has been very messy and heart breaking for many.

In the midst of all the heartache there have been short breaks that have seen many couples go ahead with small intimate weddings, with plans to celebrate at a later date when they are able to.

During these difficult times the team at Wedding Tribe have done their best to support you and all our beautiful wedding businesses via this website. We want to help you keep your wedding dreams alive by offering you these free resources...

- Free Wedding Directory

- Free Virtual Wedding Expo

- Free Wedding Inspo Board

We (the wedding industry) cannot wait to get back to celebrating with you and host your dream wedding!

I feel like the one silver lining that has come from all of this is that in the future we are going to have some rock solid marriages! Having navigated the toughest conditions to plan your big day - creating very solid foundations for you to build the rest of your lives on.

Hang in there, it may not happen today, tomorrow or even this year (who knows right) but when it does, your wedding is going to be SUPER special, imagine the stories you will be able to tell your family in generations to come - how you planned your wedding during a worldwide pandemic!

If we can do anything to help you, please reach out. Our whole Wedding Tribe is available to help you.

You can contact us anytime and join our tribe via our social media outlets and of course don't forget to utilise our website for valuable contacts that you can trust to be there by your side!



Need some help dealing with the stresses of Covid?

Visit Beyond Blue for assistance...

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