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Planning a Wedding during a world Health Pandemic!!!

Wedding planning during a world wide health pandemic!!! Like planning a wedding isn't stressful enough.

What a story you will have to share once all this is over - how you managed to plan your wedding despite all the set backs and the hurdles. Love conquers all and not even this (all of this) could stop you!

The only piece of advice that we can share with you is to ensure you keep in contact with your wedding vendors, they are specialists in their field and although this is new to everyone you can chat to them about a contingency plan, ask them about their cancellations policy and last but not least, try to keep a positive outlook, it will be worth it in the end :)

We are sending much love to all our couples that are in the planning stage and whilst we cant really do much to solve this crisis, we have managed to put together a little Virtual Wedding Expo to keep you going and on track during lockdown.

Pop on over to our Virtual Wedding Expo today and meet our exhibitors, there are no catches, no sign ups, no charges - just our little way to help you through these tough times.

Happy Wedding Planning.


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