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Upcoming Wedding Expos for you....


The Affordable Wedding Expos are held throughout the year to help you plan your Wedding.

By attending the Affordable Weddings Expo you can have your perfect wedding day and save money with their exclusive expo discounts.

YES, you can have the same fabulous services and products from their select group of Melbourne’s finest Wedding Service Providers - but at a discounted price, all without sacrificing on the quality of your wedding.

Imagine what you could do with all the money you’ll be saving: enjoy a honeymoon, put it towards a deposit for your house or a new car, splurge on something you couldn’t previously afford.

They hold Wedding Expos throughout the year, at 3 wonderful locations, at the moment they have these upcoming Wedding Expos for you:

  • Brunswick Wedding Expo, Sunday 30th August

  • Malvern Wedding Expo, Sunday 11th September

  • Williamstown Wedding Expo, Sunday 16th October

Start saving straight away by pre-booking and receiving FREE TICKETS to attend!

Spend an hour at an Affordable Wedding Expo and see how much you can save!


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