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Wedding Planning – Should you hire a Wedding Coordinator?

Whilst some people thrive on planning events, and may even go ahead and train to become a Professional Wedding Planner, others are not so keen on the whole planning process. With lots of little components planning a Wedding certainly isn’t an easy task, from budgets, to timelines to themes and everything in between there is a lot to do and coordinate to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day. There are also legal contracts to sign and financial commitments to make, where do you start?

"Did you know it can take around 300 hours to plan a wedding"!!!

One option is to use online resources to help guide you, of which there are plenty! However sometimes this also can be confusing as you can easily get lost in open tabs and a sea of information, sometimes the information contradicts other information and who do you trust?

If you are unsure about Wedding planning, help is at hand, with a professional Events & Wedding Coordinator. They can help you with a small component of your Wedding or they can handle the whole Wedding from start to finish!

A Wedding Coordinator will chat with you about your vision for the big occasion and will do all that is possible to ensure your Wedding is exactly how you wish it to be. One fear, that couples have is that a Wedding planner will take over your Wedding and this is not the case. The Coordinator’s role is basically to hold your hand and be your assistant during the process.

"Even with a Wedding Coordinator by your side you will still have complete control over your Wedding"

A good Wedding Coordinator will be able to save you time and in some cases money! As they have worked in the industry for a number of years, they will already have lots of contacts, they will know what product / service providers suit your requirements and who to shortlist for you. They will also be able to steer you away from companies that you shouldn’t use! They will have a good sense of budgets and how much of your budget each component will cost and should be able to give you an idea of what’s possible within your budget fairly early on in the planning stage. If they have repeat work within the service industry, they can also secure special offers for you!

You can also choose to have a Wedding Coordinator for just one or two components of your Wedding. Maybe someone to look after the timeline and the running of your Wedding day! This is a great option as you can enjoy your day knowing that your coordinator will be looking after any little mishaps that might pop up and ensure everything runs perfectly!

If you are looking for a coordinator to chat about your Wedding, we have a number of excellent choices listed for you on

Things to ask /check...

Does your Wedding Coordinator have the experience and/or qualifications to run your Wedding?

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