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Who do you trust to provide the soundtrack for your big day? A Band? A DJ? Or both?

The fact is, there are 3 things that people talk about after a wedding.

1- The Dress

2- The Venue

3- The Entertainment.

So, choosing the right entertainment for your big day is very important. Who do you trust to provide the soundtrack for your big day? A Band? A DJ? Or do you have both?

Here are a few things to consider when you are making your choice.

DJ – The Pros & Cons

· While a great band has an atmosphere that can’t be beat, a great DJ has a long song list and a flexibility that can’t be beat.

· A great DJ can also have the same level of energy and charisma as a bands lead singer.

· They generally take up less space and be more adaptable with the space provided.

Band – The Pros & Cons

· The energy of live music & the interactivity of a professional lead singer can really leave a lasting impression.

· Whilst a band may rock the songs they do know; they will only know a limited amount of songs. They will spend time with your beforehand however to discuss your preferences.

· A band will almost always cost you more and take up more space in your venue.


Here is some food for thought to help guide you with those important moment songs that make your big day special!

Entrance Song(s). This sets the mood for your reception... Loving, Sweet, Fun, Funny or Party, Party, PARTY!!! The choice is yours!

Some couples have a separate song for the bridal party and their entrance, however, sometimes they use the same song for everyone... There are no set rules. You can use this moment to say something about you as a couple.

Your First Dance This moment is often one of the most emotional moments of the whole day. There are no rules for this song, this song is all about you. And don't stress about the dancing if you are not a great dancer, honestly the first dance is a beautiful moment whether you have a full choreographed routine or you just sway side to side...

Father/Daughter & Mother/Son. This is a sweet moment to share a dance with a parent (or a child). Talk to them about what song makes them think of you.

The General Dance floor. Your DJ and or Band are professionals, you need to give them some flexibility with picking the music, welcoming requests from guests and a list of 'must play' & 'don't play' songs. But you hired them because of their knowledge and experience, so trust that they will always do what is best for you!

For more assistance with planning your Wedding Entertainment contact Wedding Sounds.

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