Join our Wedding Tribe to grow your Wedding Business and increase your visibility...

Welcome to our Melbourne Wedding Directory - the Wedding Tribe, designed to help Melbourne's brides and grooms discover and connect with you! 

Join our Wedding Tribe to grow your business and connect with couples who are planning their Weddings.


We offer 2 different platforms to ensure your business gets the exposure it deserves. We are exclusively Vic only and this is the perfect platform for all Vic based Wedding Businesses as well as those that service Victoria.

With 2 promotional options available, there is something for every budget. Choose one or sign up for them both.

Please note you must have a registered Australian business to join us.

We also hold live Wedding Expos via our sister business - Affordable Wedding Expo - more info available below.

Virtual Wedding Expo

New in 2021. Its time to take your advertising to the next level.

The Benefits...

  • Cost effective promotion- Just $50 per month.

  • Ability to reach a larger target audience 

  • Ability to promote whilst you are busy at Weddings (yes you can now be in 2 places at the same time)

  • Long shelf life, our Virtual Wedding Expos are
    pre-recorded and remain live for 4 months

  • Easy and effective way to increase your visibility

  • Stay relevant, by delivering content that is in keeping with current trends.

  • Full support with professional videography and editing available.

  • A more personal delivery of your content than a standard post.

What's Included for you?

  • 1 x Video (BYO or let our team whip one up)

  • 2  Images or logo

  • 2  Links to your Website

  • 2  Links to your Facebook page

  • 2 Links to your Instagram page

  • 50 words of text to introduce/chat about your business

  • Email address so people can contact you directly 

  • 1 Phone number listed (optional)

  • Google Maps link (optional)

  • Analytic reports: know how many couples have visited your booth!


We shall be setting up a professional mobile recording studio at our Affordable Wedding Expos to record your video.

We then take care of the rest with professional editing and uploading to our Website. (Bookings are essential)

Once your video is recorded, you can re-use it for as many virtual expos as you like.

If you prefer to supply your own video, that's okay too!

"Let us take care of all the work and make you look good,
relevant and available 24/7" 

Stunning Wedding Cake


Virtual Wedding Expo

We are excited to launch this new platform in 2021. In keeping with current social trends, this will become one of the most preferred platforms for you to promote your wedding business and for couples planning their weddings. 

Each virtual event will be available online for 4 months to make sure couples have plenty of time to discover you.

This is an important platform moving forwards with many advantages, and for just $50 per month its certainly cost effective.



1 x Virtual Wedding Expo: $200 + GST

3 x Virtual Wedding Expos: $500 + GST  (New & Best Value)

1 x  Professional video recording &/or editing:  $100 + GST (or provide your own)


Online Wedding Directory - Listing on this site!

We have created this Wedding Directory which specialises in creating a valuable resource for couples.

We have kept this as a niche demographic (Vic only)  to reduce the amount of noise and to ensure our couples can easily find you and contact you.

Price freeze guarantee, each listing lasts one whole year and once you book in, you lock in the same rate (no prices rises for you)


1 category Listing: $100 + GST

List in 3 categories $200 + GST (get one free)

Happy Beautiful Bride Laughing

looking for live expos?

In Person - Wedding Expos

Throughout the year, our sister company (Affordable Weddings) holds boutique wedding expos so that you can meet with all our beautiful couples. This really is a great way to connect with your target market in a more personal and direct way, and is a must-do for all wedding businesses. 


Expos are currently run at Brunswick/Malvern/Williamstown

With strict category limits, book in ASAP to secure your space if you are interested in adding this platform to your marketing plan! 

More details here:



$350 + GST  Wedding Expo bookings via our sister site