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Mini Mid-Week Weddings and Destination Elopement Specialist


Affordable Melbourne Weddings Mini Mid-Week Weddings and Destination Elopement Specialist This will be the simplest, yet most intimate wedding you NEVER planned – stress free and with ease. Affordable Melbourne Weddings has the perfect ceremony and reception packages for your wedding celebration, elegant and fully styled to suit your budget.

Our mini mid-week weddings, pop-up weddings and intimate elopements will solve all of your problems with a wedding that’s oh so easy to organise and won’t hurt the bank balance. From establishing a budget to deciding on your perfect choice of venue, we take away all the drama and hassle.

Your ceremony and reception is held at the one location, we offer couples a bespoke and unique selection of wedding ceremony and reception packages that will suit every couples style and budget. All you have to do is select your dream wedding venue and their food and beverage package, offering a choice of cocktail or seated reception, and your dream-team will take care of organising your day.

So no matter what your budget, we have the perfect wedding ceremony package giving you and your partner your perfect day, your way.


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